Thursday, February 11, 2010

Her arrival on December 8, 2009 at 12:33pm!

Here we are as a new family!! I think I was definately still scared of what my life was just changing to be!!

I was holding her for the first time in this picture!! I was crying, she was crying! It was sincerely the most special moment of my life thus far! Words can't describe it! I get teary eyed looking at this picture!

I thought she looked so scared in this picture!! I think it's amazing how God is trusting me to raise one of his children!! I hope I make him happy!!

She wanted to go back inside but her momma said no!! She's got a little conehead there...they had to vacuum her out! She was as stubborn as her momma when it came time for her to come out! Boy, i can just see her teenage years! Thank goodness we have Josh to referee! :)

And here we are AFTER my epidural had kicked in!! I am glad we don't, but part of me wished we had a picture of the BEFORE epidural look to put beside this one! Actually, no one should have had to witness that or see me during that time. Not even my husband. I'm still embarrassed to this day what I was like before the epidural. And I thought I could handle pain pretty well. Contractions proved me WRONG! Pitocin is the devil!

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