Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 month old!!

While having a baby is the BEST thing in the world, and looking at your child look at you makes your heart melt...the first month was do i put this...EXHAUSTING!! I honestly feel like I have never been so tired in my life with a few days of not knowing if i can go on!! hahaha. And i'm saying that now, because I'm finally at a stage where I can look back at the first month and realize that if I can make it thru that, I will survive anything!!
It might have been because I was used to sleeping 11-12 hours a night before her, or the fact that I was not a coffee drinker before her...or the combo. But things change, things change quickly. I now can run off of 45 minutes of sleep for a whole night (have proven that by living thru the first month), and I now am a half a pot of coffee drinker a day! hahaha. But I have come to the realization that I can sleep when I'm dead, and that there is teeth whitening kits out there for the coffee stains!
So on to my pretty princess (that now sleeps!) Here she is around 1 month old. Sorry the blog was not on my mind then, and probably didn't get her on the exact date!

Look at those cheeks!!! I just love her. She is a mess!! As for the first month of her life these are her milestones:

*We accomplished breastfeeding

*Towards the end of the first month, she learned to focus on things...especially if they were the color red.

*We would do daily tummy time, but not a fan of it. But she did learn to roll her head from one side to the other, even though her nose never left the mat.

And well...there's not alot besides eating and sleeping that goes one during that first month, but surviving with food and sleep (for the both of us). I believe that we have adjusted very well and so has daddy. She was during the first month, definately a daddy's girl! He was the only one that could really calm her down! God bless that man!

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  1. SO glad to read the update!!! She is PRECIOUS!!