Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jaclyn @ 5 months!

So yes, I'm late with her 5 month post.  Along with being late at everything else in my life right now!! hahaha.  It's hard to wrap my finger around the fact that in less than a month, she will be a half a year old!!  Geez!!!  Time sure does fly!!

She's at such a cute age!!  I love it.  Her personality is really starting to shine through, along with all her new skills!! :)  So I'll just get on in to her stats:

*I have no clue how much this chunker weighs but I promise ya, the fact that her arm doubles over almost onto her hand, and the minutes I spend in the bathtub trying to seperate every roll to thouroughly clean- the girl isn't missing any meals!! :)  It cracks me up though, b/c I read that at this age, the minimum amount of breastmilk or formula they should have a day should be 24oz, and this girl BARELY eats that minimum!! 

* So she has 4 bottles a day of 5-6 oz.  And then I nurse her at like 530 in the morning, but she eats in like 5 minutes or less and she's back to sleep.  She couldn't eat an ounce or two at that feeding.
*  She is loving her "food" too!! She gets some once a day around 6pm.  Rice cereal with about a fourth of a jar of fruit mixed in with the cereal is her absolute favorite right now!!  She kicks her feet, starts squeeling and hands fly everywhere!! She also loves sweet potatoes as her vegetable of choice.  Apples (surprisingly) made her make the craziest face I've ever seen, spit it out, and then did the whole body quiver, like what I would do if someone spoon/forced fed me brussel sprouts or something!!!!!  It was a one bite and done deal with the apples.  We will reintroduce at a later date!!  So far, everything else has gone down fairly easy!! :) 

* She is rolling over BOTH WAYS!  The belly to back still happens much easier than back to belly, but she will do it all.  In the picture below is one day when she was literally on a roll.  Belly-back, back-belly, belly-back.  I didn't think she was going to stop!! hahahaha.

*She is now wearing SIZE 3 diapers!!!  Told ya, I have a chunker!! :)

* She goes to bed around 8pm, and doesn't get up to eat until around 5-5:30, eats enough to go back to sleep and then sleeps until 7 or whenever her sister wakes her up.  HOWEVER, I'm up a time or two (on a GOOD night) to put the paci back in!!

*We tried the cry it out thing- and well- I just don't think this gal is going to be going for that.  She will belt it out for as long as needed, and has no problem gagging or trying to throw up.  I google on a daily basis my options....

*She babbles NONSTOP!!  And it's all "bababababababababa" that's all it is.  Even when she's crying it's "bababababababa"  Josh and I get tickled at it actually, it's too stinkin' cute!!

*The belly giggles have gotten more often, and what's funny is that the only things that cause the belly giggle is Jaycee or Walker!!  Her face lights up when the dog comes around!!  It cracks me up!  She loves him!!

* We are working on sitting up!!  She does fairly well with the boppy wrapped around her, or me sitting behind her, but still will fall over after a while.  I struggle with getting her to even sit, because she just wants on her feet to stand!!  Oh lordy....

*Every toy is worth a shot to get to, to only put it in her mouth!!  Oh the teething!!!  Oh......the teething!!  And ohhhhhh.....the drool!! hahaha.  None are popping through yet, but you can see those bottom two moving their way on up through her gums rather quickly.  I'd say another month! 

I think that's it for month 5 (since we're almost to month 6!) hahaha. I'm head over heels in love with this little girl and her personality!!  But I know I've never said that before... ;)

 I've got some cute photos coming of miss Jaycee in the next day or two, so check back! :) 

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