Sunday, August 19, 2012

The many faces of Jaclyn!

 This kid cracks me up!!!  Her facial expressions absolutely kill me!!  I cannot wait until she can talk and she can make me laugh even harder, because if she is as funny (and sweet) as her facial expressions, I'm in for one awesome treat!!!  Enjoy some of the funny/cute pictures of my little girl so far!! :)

The sweet and innocent:

The "oh Lordy, SHE is going to raise me!" look:

 "Look at me, Look at me" look:

The "Now, here's what I think" look:

"What IS this brown furry thing??" look:

The "OH YEAH!" look:

The "just hanging around" look:

The "just chillin'" look:

The "whatever face you just made to try to make me smile, scared me!" look:

The "Shooooot, this baby doll has nothing on me" look:

The "I'm out" look:

The "not sure, thinking about it" look:

The "look that steals mommy's heart" look:

The " I'm trying so hard to keep my head up straight for this picture that I can't smile also" look:

The "mommy, I just filled my pants satisfaction" look:

The "perfect goodmorning, I love you" look:

This funny little girl goes for her 2 month appointment tomorrow.  Check back for her 2 month update and stats-SOON!! :)  Probably Tuesday- I'm sure tomorrow night is going to insist of alot of Tylenol and cuddles!! ;)

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  1. These pictures and captions cracked me up! She's gorgeous, Layne!!