Monday, March 15, 2010

3 months! :)

My goodness she is growing like a weed!! She is turning into such a cute tiny person with her own personality and everything. She is now 3 months (and 6 days) to be exact. So much has happened this past month and I feel like we are always doing something different daily to blow my mind!

Here she is at 3 months!! She doesn't like looking at the camera! I get frustrated b/c she will be smiling and as soon as she sees the camera go up to my face, it turns instantly to a frown! She's so stubborn! :)

Here she is in her glider in her room. Daddy got her that stuffed teddy bear for Valentines Day and it is defiantely her favorite right now!! :) (look at those cheeks!)

She loves colors, lights, sounds, music. As you can tell in this picture she is so focused on those lights flashing. I had to get this moment. She studies everything so hard! She looks like her daddy here. He has to know how everything works!! :) (Me on the other hand, could care less!)

hahahaha. Daddy got home from work and put his hat on her backwards. I already thought it was funny until I took the picture and realized it looks like she's holding up some gangster sign along with it!! hahaha, she's such a hoot! She knew what she was doing! ;) You don't want to mess with her! (see what i'm talking about with the personality!)

I don't think I have shown this on here before. We got this chalkboard too too from Josh's aunt Serena. Is it not one of the cutest things ever?!?! I absolutely love it!

And on to where we are developmentally!! In the picture above, is about where we are on the head lifting thing!! OMG, if someone knows a way to get my child to like tummy time please let me know. We get toys out, I lay in the floor with her, and I take her and roll her over, but nothing works!! She is ready to get up as soon as I lay her there. I do torture her a few times a day with it, for at least 5-10 minutes. I keep thinking if she's there long enough, she'll get used to it and like it. I think I might be wishful thinking.

Here's some other things though for month 3 that we are doing:

*She coos and makes noises nonstop! She has definately discovered her voice

*She has the belly giggle laugh now!! Oh my goodness, I was so excited that night because that noise of that giggle (instead of a squeel) is the cutest sound in the world. I told Josh we needed to get that on video camera and he looked at me and said, "no we need to get how crazy you look when she does it!"

*We are still sleeping through the night. We used to have to wait until about 10 or 10:30 to give her the last bottle to get her to sleep all night. We can now give her a bottle between 830 or 9 and she's out like a light for the night! :) This has finally helped with Josh and I getting at least 30 minutes or so together before the day is over.

*She is not a fan much anymore of laying in our arms or anything like that when she's awake. She likes to be sitting up and seeing the world around her

*She is starting to reach for things that I put in front of her. And this little girl just might be left handed. She does everything with her left hand. But she loves holding on to necklaces, and loves to hold onto my hair! Ouch!

*We have started a thing to where if she makes a noise, I mimic the noise back to her, and then she'll make another noise and I'll do the same. She loves it, and it always ends up with her and her giggles!! :)

*We went to the doctor for her 2 month shots at about 11 weeks, b/c she had been sick. She weighed in at a whoppin 13 lbs and 1 oz and she was 24 inches long! She was in the 70-80% on everything. Dr. Hurlock said, she is probably going to be a tall girl!

*She likes putting weight on her feet. If I hold her up in my lap, she likes to bend those legs up and down!! :)

I think that's about all the new stuff. I can't wait to see what we are able to do this time next month!! Isn't next month, food in a spoon?!?! I hope so! :) Stay tuned!

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